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Every year at ARGFest, a space is set aside for the display of special items collected by the community or provided by puppetmasters over many, many years of Alternate Reality Gaming and transmedia entertainment. What began as a neat little show-and-tell opportunity between friends has now become a traditional, prominent element of the annual ARGFest-o-con, and is presented as a source of inspiration, creativity, and nostalgia - A place where indie storytellers and mainstream producers can share the same table... a smorgasboard of tangible storytelling!

Each year the ARG Museum sets up in a corner for ARGFest attendees to peruse any artifacts that are brought in for display during the conference. And so, the ARG Museum only exists because of the willingness of the ARG community to share any artifacts they possess.

  • Perhaps you have some cool and interesting items you've received while playing an ARG?
  • Perhaps you've kept the detailed work you did while trying to solve a memorable puzzle?
  • Maybe you have something else of interest to ARG players and creators, like a puzzle book, a novel, or a magazine?
  • Or maybe you are a puppetmaster yourself and have items you'd like to display for the community?

If you'll be in attendance at the next ARGFest, we'd love it if you'd consider taking any ARG-related items you'd be willing to share in the museum display. We keep track of who brings what and when, and so we can be sure to record and protect them during the conference.

All artifacts are returned to their respective owners when the museum is closed down near the end of the conference (usually by noon Saturday), unless otherwise requested. More details about setup and tear down timing are determined closer to the conference date. By providing your contact information, you'll be kept apprised of these details.

@argmuseum Please stay tuned for any information about upcoming ARGFest conferences!

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